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Tailor-Made Courses and Workshops, April 2015


Since January 2015 the 3 companies in the Canning Community (Canning Italia, Canning UK, Canning Japan) have provided clients worldwide with the following tailored services:

CNH Industrial – Train the Trainer Workshop for the APAC Training Team
IFL at Stockholm School of Economics – Bridging the Culture Gap
Airbus – Progress - International Communication, Advanced Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
Renault - Working with Japanese Partners for Senior Management, Negotiation in the International Context
Schneider Electric – International Presentation Skills
Allianz – Navigator Workshop (in German), Handling IT Users Effectively, Communication Skills & Conflict Management for IT Leaders, Advanced Presentation Skills
Bayer – Negotiation Skills
Deutsche Börse – Facilitating Meetings Effectively
Eurofighter – International Negotiation Skills
Munich Re – Client Management Negotiation Skills Follow-up (in English and German), Presentation Skills
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants – Negotiation Skills
OpenHydro Technology – Working with French Partners
Covidien – Presentation Skills Coaching
Dow Italia– Presentation Skills Coaching (in Italian)
Il Sole 24 Ore Business School – English for My Future (module on the Masters Programme on Company Law), Managing HR Across Borders (module on the HR Masters Programme)
Intesa Sanpaolo – Writing Skills Coaching for Investor Relations
Munich Re – Client Management Negotiation Skills Follow-up (in Italian), Consultative Selling for Client Teams (in Italian)
Pioneer Investments – Working Effectively in English in the Prop Sales Team
Sanofi – Presenting to International Audiences
Sorin Group – Communication and Presenting to International Audiences for the Cardiac Surgery Business Unit
Valeo – Working with Japanese Partners
Blackrock – Business Communication Booster, International Meeting Skills
Cisco – International Meeting Skills, International Presentation Skills, Facilitation Skills
Epsilon – Performing Internationally
JT – Working with Japanese Partners
Kirin – Pre-Departure Training
Kyoto University – Train the Trainer: Negotiation and Presentation Skills
NGK – New Graduate Training
Nissan – Working with Indian Partners
Novartis – Teleconferencing and Negotiation Training
Pimco – Presentation Skills Coaching (in Japanese)
Sanofi – Global Communication Skills Follow-up
Undisclosed Client (Tobacco Sector) – Skills Development for Sales Leadership Training
Stockholm School of Economics – Cross-Cultural Management for EMBA 13
Novartis– Speaker Training (in Spanish)
Garanti Bank – English for Business Coaching
Allianz – Handling IT Users Effectively
JT International – Multicultural Teamwork
Dow AgroSciences – English for Presentations and Listening Skills
JT International – Communication Skills, Influencing and Persuasion Skills, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills
Partner Re – Negotiation Skills Follow-up
Roche – Workshop Preparation and Facilitation
Undisclosed Client (Banking Sector) – Writing Skills Coaching, Presentation Skills Coaching, Presentation Skills for Central Bank Services
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) – Effective Legal Drafting Skills
Your Business Partner – Workshop Facilitation
Air Liquide Electronics Powerful and Effective Pitching Skills
JT International – Writing Skills
Aarhus University – English for Danish Universities
Allianz – Fundamentals of Effective Communication, Handling IT Users Effectively
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi – Global English: Writing and Speaking Clearly
Bearing Point – Working Effectively in an International Environment
Lilly – Making your Presentations Interactive, Memorable and Different
Nord/LB – Communication Skills and Conflict Management
Undiscolsed Client – Pronunciation and Listening Skills
Bayer – Negotiation Skills
Munich Re – Negotiation and Relationship Management
Schneider Electric – Presentation Skills

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