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Tailor-Made Courses and Workshops, Juner 2018

This year the 3 companies in the Canning Community (UK, Italy, Japan) have provided clients worldwide with the following tailored courses and workshops:

CNH Industrial - Presenting to International Audiences
CNH Industrial Presenting to International Audiences
Vlerick Business School Global Immersion - Understanding Japan
Czech Rep.
Roland Berger Strategic Consulting Skills
Stora Enso Working with Nordic Partners
Aarhus University English for Danish Universities
Business Academy Aarhus - Working with British Partners
JT International Presentation Skills
Roland Berger - Negotiation Skills
Airbus Advanced Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
Allianz - Conflict Management, Communication Skills Refresher
Colas - Making Your Presentations Memorable and Persuasive
EADS / Airbus International Communication Skills
Renault - Working with Japanese Partners, Working with Japanese for Senior Managers, Negotiation in the International Context, Advanced Engineering Exchange Programme
Schneider Electric - Working Effectively in the International Environmnet, International Presentation Skills, Presentation and International Teamwork Facilitation
Sorin Group - Facilitating Role-Playwith Sales Team (in French)
Allianz Navigator Workshop (in German)
Bayer Negotiation Skills
Daimler Working with Nissan
Munich Re Client Management Offsite Event: How to do a Pitch Presentation, Negotiation Skills for the Works Council
Roche Diagnostics English for Business
Roland Berger Negotiation Skills
Schneider Electric International Presentation Skills
Covidien Presentation Skills Coaching
Fiat Group Automobiles Presenting to International Audiences
Helicopters Italia Managing Effective International Meetings and Conference Calls, Negotiating in the International Arena, Presenting to International Audiences
Il Sole 24 Ore Business School English for My Future (Module on the Masters Programme for Company Lawyers), Managing HR Across Borders (Module on the HR Masters Programme)
Indesit Company Trade Fair Team Coaching and Rehearsal
Intesa Sanpaolo Writing Skills Coaching for Investor Relations
Pioneer Investments Working Effectively in English in the Prop Sales Team
Roche Pre-Departure Coaching, Presentation and Speech Rehearsals for the Talent Review Programme, for HR, Finance and Procurement
Your Business Partner Pre-Event and Webinar Coaching and Rehearsal

Biogen Idec Japan Business Communication Booster
Blackrock International Teleconferencing Skills
British Embassy VTC Workshop Training
Japan Tobacco Working with Japanese Partners
Kirin Brewery Pre-Departure Training
Kirin Tropicana International Presentation Skills
KPMG Business Communication Booster
Mitsui Global Communication Training
NGK New Graduate Training
Nissan Working with Indian Partners
Novartis Pharma Business Communication Booster
Philip Morris Japan English Business Leaders
Sumitomo Corporation Bridging the Culture Gap
Volvo IT Japan Global Effectiveness
Stockholm School of Economics Doing Business across Cultures for Enefit, Cross-Cultural Management for EMBA 12 Programme, Winning New International Customers
Roche Meeting Facilitation
Garanti Bank English for Business Training
Akzo Nobel Getting my Message Across
BBVA Powerful and Effective Pitching Skills Follow-up
IFL Nefab Management Programme
CNHI International Presenting to International Audiences
ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) Booth Team Training Workshops and Follow-up
Genentech Workshop Facilitation and Support to the Actemra LCT F2F, Meeting Facilitation
JT International Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Writing Skills
Minerve Coaching / Mentoring Support
Munich Re Negotiation and relationship Management
Partner Re Negotiation Skills Follow-up
Roche EEMEA Joint Commercial / Medical Workshop, Coaching, Powerful Communication Skills, Team Workshop
Sberbank Workshop Facilitation
SWITT (Swiss Technology Transfer Association) Negotiation Skills
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) Effective Legal Drafting Skills
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Global English: Writing and Speaking Clearly
LAPADA Language and Culture Tips for Selling to a Global Market
Lilly Making your Presentations Interactive, Memorable and Different, Advanced Speaker Training Workshop, Advanced Speaker Training Workshop for Consultant Psychiatrists

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