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International Conference Calls


concept and objectives

International teams and corporate management increasingly use conference calls as a cost-efficient means of staying in touch. Whatever the economic and logistic advantages conference calls offer, by their very nature they also impose a series of constraints and difficulties. It may become a privileged conversation between only some of the participants; native-speakers of English may dominate the exchange; it may be difficult to identify who is speaking at a particular moment; it may be difficult to intervene in real time and express one’s view; agendas and outcomes may not be clear.

The aim of this seminar is to develop participants’ ability to take part in, and facilitate, conference calls effectively and confidently. Through active practice participants will have the opportunity to acquire and apply the skills and tools they need to make conferences work.


This seminar is designed for a group of maximum 6 managers and professionals who take part in conference calls with colleagues and outside partners in the international environment. All participants will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire, to ensure that seminar contents are relevant.

This seminar is held entirely in English and participants should thus have a “good working knowledge” of the language. We are happy to interview participants in case of doubt.


We will provide participants with a series of tools for facilitating conference calls and taking an active, constructive, responsible part in them. We will focus on:
  • planning
  • facilitating the process
  • using time-slots
  • clarity
  • handling problems
  • follow-up


The approach is active and is designed to achieve maximum participation and involvement. During the seminar participants will have the opportunity to prepare and take part in a number of conferences, with all the pressures and difficulties that they have to face in real life. There will also be a series of interactive exercises to illustrate specific points or to practise critical activities in the conference (using micro-slots of time, introducing and summarising, etc).

format, venue,timing

The format is usually a 1-day workshop which can be held at Canning Italia in Milan or on your company premises everywhere in Italy and abroad. Please contact our offices o +39 02 4801 5840 or send an enquiry to Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo . We will be happy to discuss your needs.



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