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Managing HR across Borders - Language and communication skills training for HR Professionals

In today’s international organisation the HR Professional lives at the heart of change: new strategic imperatives, emerging roles and functions, restructuring, greater mobility of people and jobs. As companies re-invent themselves to face global competition, the HR Professional is more and more exposed to international contact.

This may mean interviewing a prospective employee from abroad, taking part in a cross-regional project, explaining Italy to corporate management or to inbound expatriates, presenting the new organisational structure to an international group of managers.

The aim of this programme is to help you, the HR Professional, to face all these challenges in those situations in which you have to use English. The objective: increased effectiveness and confidence.


The programme is designed for HR Professionals who have an intermediate to advanced level of English.
Ead edition of this open programme is held for a group of maximum 6 participants.

Course format

A 3-day intensive group course at our training centre in Via Losanna 16 in Milan. Optional add-on: 7 hours of individual post-course coaching (face-to-face or remote).

Dates and fees 2017

14.03.17 - 16.03.17

13.06.17 - 15.06.17

03.10.17 - 05.10.17

Course fee is € 990 + IVA per participant, optional coaching is € 734 + IVA

Sample programme

Each edition will be customised to meet participants’ needs. The following is an example of a programme:

Day 1
Resourcing & Reward

• interviewing prospective employees
• introducing a new appraisal system
• handling expatriation packages

Day 2
Training & Development

• analysing training needs
• managing consultants and providers
• acting as coach

Day 3
Organisation & Relations

• presenting the organisational structure
• negotiating and influencing
• explaining the Italian payroll and contractual framework to international colleagues

What is the return you can expect from this course?
The course is designed to help you be more effective, and feel more confident when dealing with HR matters in the international environment. We will focus on developing your ability to interact clearly, promptly and appropriately in real-time exchanges, both face to face, on the telephone and in conference calls. You can also expect to gain a wider range of expression when dealing with HR issues, as well as an improved ability to use actively the terminology specific to Human Resources.

Toreserve your place on this course, and to book your pre-course interview, contact us at our Milan office:, and to book your pre-course interview, contact us at our Milan office:
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telephone: +39 02 48015840
fax: +39 02 87181862


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