Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Managing Director

Realistic simulation is the key activity, living the situation. To make it realistic we need to recreate many of the pressures, challenges and complexities the participant faces in real life. At the same time it’s about trust; the training room has to be a “safe” place where the participant feels free and encouraged to experiment. Reconciling these two very different things is one of the keys to great training.
With Canning since 1972.
For much of his career Andrew has divided his time between training, developing training programmes and material, managing relations with clients and running the Italian operation.  Today he is Managing Director of Canning Italia and Global Account Manager for some of the Canning Community’s key clients.

Based in Italy since 1975, he has the chance to work in a wider international dimension, delivering workshops in Western and Central Europe, the Americas and Japan.  He has experience in delivering training in English, Italian and Spanish and focuses on training on cross-cultural topics, teamwork, international communication skills and speaker training coaching for senior managers and key opinion leaders in the medical field.

Management responsibilities have never kept him far away from the training room.  Indeed, this is a characteristic of the Canning Community as a whole.

1971  BA Hons in Hispanic Studies, University of Liverpool

Contributor to Orizzonte Formazione – l’apprendere nelle organizzazioni degli anni ’90 – Franco Angeli / AIF, Milan 1991
Contributor to English 24 Magazine, Il Sole 24 Ore, Milan 2007