Matt Muldoon

I believe that, to do great training, you can’t tell anyone to do anything. Learners need to understand directly – from their own experience – what changes in their behaviour would make them present, persuade, or negotiate better.
This means that the trainer needs to operate as a guide – not as an imparter of information. The trainer needs to generate situations in which learners *see* what they need to change, and *see* that they’re more effective once that change has been made.
With Canning since 2012
Matt graduated with first class honours in Languages and Linguistics from the University of Cambridge.  Since then, he has lived in five countries and worked in twenty, with a diverse career encompassing llama farming and cheese production projects in Bolivia, building restoration programmes in Spain, and data mining and mobile content conferences in the US.  More recently, he set up a construction company specialising in heritage and ecobuilding services.
Matt now designs and delivers training in negotiation, presentation, persuasion, conflict handling, and writing.  He works with a broad range of industries, but has a particular focus on management consultancy, reinsurance, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace. As well as delivering training, Matt makes videos which help our clients negotiate at their best.