pinuccia gordigiani

Pinuccia Gordigiani

Client Relations and Resources Management

Dealing with clients is always a pleasure for me from the very first call to a more established relationship. Listening to their needs, discussing possible solutions and taking care of them before, during and after a training path gives me a sense of movement in the whole cycle of a project.
Liaising with the training team to match clients’ needs gives me an insight into the learning process and adds value to the relationship with the outside world.
In the end it’s all about connecting with people, which makes the experience different, enjoyable and challenging every day!
With Canning since 1988.
Pinuccia brings to her role thirty years of experience, a prodigious memory and a real concern for our clients’ needs and priorities.  This puts her in an ideal position to conduct the dialogue with them and to understand their narrative.
Thanks to her ability to listen to what our clients actually say, she is also able to detect emerging needs and to identify areas for our own development, the need to acquire new skills and capabilities.
As she says herself, it’s about connecting with people.  And, on the Resources Management side, connecting people with people.  Pinuccia manages the allocation of trainers to projects, with the aim of ensuring that we always devote the best possible resources to our courses and workshops.  On this side too, her deep knowledge of Canning and closeness to the team are invaluable.
Pinuccia’s role is wider than her job title suggests.  It includes office management, relations with our most important suppliers, as well as undertaking projects to ensure that Canning complies with health, safety and privacy regulations.