Simon Patterson

Senior Associate Trainer

The starting point in good training is empathy. Empathy to build a relationship of trust between trainer and learner, as well as trust in the learning process itself. Good training should also be relevant and of clear benefit to the learner, and should have a sense of occasion, ceremony even. It should leave learners inspired to use what they have learned, and motivated to find out more.
With Canning since 1983.
Simon brings to the training room his own international background. He spent much of his childhood in Africa and the Middle East, and has lived and worked for 8 years in Italy. He also brings his intellectual curiosity and the training skills he has developed since he started working with Canning.
He is a firm believer in life-long learning. In 2001 he took a sabbatical to deepen his own personal and professional development and in 2003 he completed his MSc degree in Organisational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics.
Before joining Canning Simon spent 5 years working in the City, as an accountant for Peat Marwick Mitchell (today’s KPMG) and in software support for the financial sector. He also worked for The Economist as a researcher.
Simon designs and delivers training on a wide range of communication skills and delivers highly customised coaching for senior executives. He also specialises in written communication, helping clients to get their messages across, whether in press releases, scientific documentation or company annual reports. He works closely with Canning UK, Canning Italia and Canning Japan and has delivered training in 20 countries.


MSc degree in Organisational and Social Psychology, London School of Economics
BSc degree in Psychology, Open University
BSc degree in Geochemistry, University of Reading