tailor-made courses and workshops

Tailor-made courses and workshops December 2019


Canning has deep and broad experience in designing and delivering tailor-made courses and workshops  on international communication skills, intercultural awareness and language skills for companies operating in a wide range of sectors.

Canning Community (Canning Italia, Canning UK and Canning Japan) has provided clients worldwide with the following tailor-made courses and workshops between January and December 2019:



Syneos Health – Slide Rehearsal

Unicredit – Making a Point, Communicating in the CIB Legal Team



Vlerick Business School – Global Immersion – Understanding Japan



Roland Berger – Strategic Consulting Skills


Czech Rep.

Solar Turbines (Caterpillar Group)– Building and Delivering Effective Presentations,         Advanced Presentation Skills



GSK – Presentation Media Coaching



Brightminds – Bridging the Culture Gap



Allianz – Navigator Workshop, ThePsychology of Negotiation

Renault – Negotiation in the International Context

Renault-Nissan – Working with Chinese Partners, Alliance Engineer Exchange Programme, Negotiating in the International Context

Schneider Electric – Engaging with Executives, International Presentation Skills



Allianz – Navigator Workshop (in German), Communication Skills and Conflict Management (in English and German),      Making an Impact as a New Leader

HDI International – Negotiation Skills

JTI – Working with Japanese Partners

Munich Re – Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Train the Trainer, Communication and           Client Management, Pitching Preparation, Pitching Skills

Roche – Personal Development Coaching, Team Building workshop, Coaching

Roland Berger – Strategic Consulting, Workshop Moderation Skills

Schneider Electric – Presenting Your Ideas with Impact, International Presentation Skills



Schneider Electric – Presenting Your Ideas with Impact



AstraZeneca – Coaching: Presenting to Key Decision-makers

Bidachem – Language and Communication Skills Coaching

BNP Paribas – Coaching: Presenting with Impact

Boehringer Ingelheim – Presentation Skills Coaching and Rehearsal, Effective Writing Skills, Presenting to International Audiences, Negotiating in the International Arena,  Leadership in Virtual Teams

CNH Financial Services – Remote Communication Skills Coaching

CNH Industrial – Communication Skills Coaching, Communicating with Senior Management,  Remote Communication Skills Coaching for the HR Community

Comau – Presenting to International Audiences

Danisi Engineering – Working with Chinese Partners

DiaSorin – Working with Chinese Partners, Working with US Partners

FCA Services – Powerful and Effective Presentations and Follow-up (in Italian)

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – Presenting to Key Decision-makers for Jeep Brand EMEA Management

Generali – Language and Communication Skills Coaching for the HR Community

Il Sole 24 Ore Business School – Building an Effective Presentation,  Delivering an Effective Presentation,  Effective Project Presentations, Assessment Centre Workshop, Facing Interviews with Confidence  (International Master in Luxury Management)

Mediaset – Presenting to International Audiences, International Negotiation Skills, Communication Skills for PAs

MolMed – Presenting to International Audiences

NPD Group – Communication Skills Coaching

Raicam – Working with Indian Partners

Recipharm – Presenting Capex Proposals

Unicredit – Presenting to Key Decision-makers, Communication Skills Coaching

Università di Pisa / Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf / Scuola Superiore

Sant’Anna – Consultancy and Facilitation of Focus Groups with Patients, Clinicians, General Practitioners, Nurses and Caregivers   (EU Project Integrate)



Adobe – Leadership Development Training Co-Facilitation

Astellas – International Negotiation Skills

Bayer – Coaching: Working with Japanese Partners

BlackRock – International Negotiation Skills, Influencing and Persuading Skills for the Leadership Development Programme

Callaway Golf – Diversity and Inclusion

CBRE Global Investors – Moderation Skills Coaching

Cisco – Global Communication Skills Coaching, International Meeting Skills

CNH Industrial – Online Executive Coaching for Management in Australia

Criteo – Online Executive Coaching, Global Communication Skills, International Presentation Skills

Daiichi Sankyo –  Influencing and Persuading Training, Virtual Meeting Skills

Facelabo –  Business Skills Coaching

JTI – Working with Japanese Partners

LaSalle – Global Mindset Training, Global Communication Training

Natixis – Social Networking Skills, International Presentation Skills

Netstar – International Communication Skills Coaching,  Business Skills Coaching,  Meeting and Presentation Skills

NGK – Business Communication Skills for New Graduates

Nissan – Executive Coaching, Working with Japanese Partners, Working with French Partners, Working with Indian Partners, Cross-cultural Team Building for New Graduates,  Persuading and Influencing Training for R&D and Follow-up, Cross-cultural Negotiation Skills and Follow-up (in Japanese)

Novartis – Business Skills Coaching

Pfizer – Skills Coaching, Communicating Logically, WebEx Meeting Skills Training

Pimco – International Presentation Skills

Renault-Nissan – Alliance Engineer Exchange Programme

Salesforce – Working with Japanese Partners

Sanofi – Business Communication Booster, Presentation Skills Coaching, Global Communication Skills

Savencia – Problem-solving Training

Tokyo American Club – Global Communication Skills, Handling Challenging Customers

Undisclosed Client – Global Communication Skills Group Training and Coaching, Working with Japanese Partners

Valrhona – Executive Coaching

Volvo – Group Business Skills Training

Yamasa – Business Skills Coaching



Stockholm School of Economics Riga –  Influencing and Persuasion Skills, Communication Effectiveness, Women in Leadership – Persuasion and Negotiation Skills, Executive MBA – Presenting at C Level



ApotheCom – Speaker Training, Slide Rehearsal

Roland Berger – Negotiation Skills

Syneos Health – Slide Rehearsal

Zooplus – Negotiation Skills



Nestlé – HMO Masterclass



Zooplus – Negotiation Skills

Syneos Health – Speaker Training



Whirlpool – Getting the Message Across



Allianz – Navigator Workshop

Roland Berger – Client Communication – Optimising our Teamwork, Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Your Client, Negotiation Skills



Henkel – Negotiation Skills



ApotheCom – Leadership,  Presentation Skills

GSK – Presentation Media Coaching



Ferring – Executive Coaching

GSK – Presentation Coaching

Nestlé – Speaker Training

Roche – Health Systems Strategy Teambuilding Workshop, Team Leader Coaching, A-Team Workshop, Coaching, Remote Coaching, Global Access Policy Team Coaching and Individual Feedback,  Global Access Team Development Workshops, Coaching: Senior Health Systems Strategy Lead, Scientific Communications Workshop,  Neuroscience Pan-Neuro Workshop

SWITT – Prepare Negotiations and Perform Deals

Syneos –  Communicating Difficult News to IVF Patients

Undisclosed Client – Presentation Skills, Writing Skills



Nestlé – HMO Masterclass



CNH Industrial – Remote Communication Skills Coaching



ApotheCom – Speaker Training



Alexandersen Language Training – English for Danish Universities

Allianz – Navigator Workshop

ApotheCom – Speaker Training

CNH Industrial – Remote Communication Skills Coaching

GSK – Patient Engagement, Production of Booklet and Video, Presentation Coaching, Virtual Communication Skills, Virtual Training – Difficult Conversations, Questions and Objections, Oncology Enhanced Communications, Respiratory Enhanced Communication,  Turning Presentations into Conversations, Questioning and Listening

JTI Romania – Team Coaching,  Working with Japanese Partners,  Writing Skills

Nestlé – HMO Masterclass

Oxbow Partners – Sales Training, Presentation Skills

Per Asrsleff – English for Business Programme

Syneos Health – Speaker Training

University of Bath – Working Across Language, Culture and Distance



Allianz – Navigator Workshop

GSK – Expert-level Communication Skills for Oncology Division, Presentation Coaching

Munich Re – Negotiation Skills

Roche – Community Update



Nestlè – HMO Masterclass