Tailor-made courses and workshops November 2019

Tailor-made courses and workshops November 2019


Canning has deep and broad experience in designing and delivering tailor-made courses and workshops  on international communication skills, intercultural awareness and language skills for companies operating in a wide range of sectors.

This year to date, the three companies of the Canning Community (Canning Italia, Canning UK and Canning Japan) have provided clients worldwide with the following tailored services:



Syneos Health – Slide Rehearsal

Unicredit – Making a Point



Vlerick Business School – Global Immersion – Understanding Japan



Roland Berger – Strategic Consulting Skills


Czech Rep.

Solar Turbines (Caterpillar Group)– Building and Delivering Effective Presentations,         Advanced Presentation Skills



GSK – Presentation Media Coaching



Brightminds – Bridging the Culture Gap



Allianz – Navigator Workshop, ThePsychology of Negotiation

Renault – Negotiation in the International Context

Renault-Nissan – Working with Chinese Partners, Alliance Engineer Exchange Programme, Negotiating in the International Context

Schneider Electric – Engaging with Executives, International Presentation Skills



Allianz – Navigator Workshop (in German), Communication Skills and Conflict Management,      Making an Impact as a New Leader

HDI International – Negotiation Skills

JTI – Working with Japanese Partners

Munich Re – Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Train the Trainer, Communication and           Client Management, Pitching Preparation, Pitching Skills

Roche – Personal Development Coaching, Team Building workshop, Coaching

Roland Berger – Strategic Consulting, Workshop Moderation Skills

Schneider Electric – Presenting Your Ideas with Impact, International Presentation Skills



Schneider Electric – Presenting Your Ideas with Impact



AstraZeneca – Coaching: Presenting to Key Decision-makers

Bidachem – Language and Communication Skills Coaching

BNP Paribas – Coaching: Presenting with Impact

Boehringer Ingelheim – Presentation Skills Coaching and Rehearsal, Effective Writing Skills, Presenting to International Audiences

CNH Financial Services – Remote Communication Skills Coaching

CNH Industrial – Communication Skills Coaching, Communicating with Senior Management

Comau – Presenting to International Audiences

Danisi Engineering – Working with Chinese Partners

DiaSorin – Working with Chinese Partners, Working with US Partners

FCA Services – Powerful and Effective Presentations and Follow-up (in Italian)

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – Presenting to Key Decision-makers for Jeep Brand EMEA Management

Generali – Language and Communication Skills Coaching for the HR Community

Il Sole 24 Ore Business School – Effective Project Presentations, Assessment Centre Workshop, Facing Interviews with Confidence  (International Master in Luxury Management)

Mediaset – Presenting to International Audiences, International Negotiation Skills, Communication Skills for PAs

MolMed – Presenting to International Audiences

NPD Group – Communication Skills Coaching

Recipharm – Presenting Capex Proposals

Università di Pisa / Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf / Scuola Superiore

Sant’Anna – Consultancy and Facilitation of Focus Groups with Patients, Clinicians, General Practitioners, Nurses and Caregivers   (EU Project Integrate)



Adobe – Leadership Development Training Co-Facilitation

Bayer – Coaching: Working with Japanese Partners

BlackRock – International Negotiation Skills, Influencing and Persuading Skills for the Leadership Development Programme

Callaway Golf – Diversity and Inclusion

Cisco – Global Communication Skills Coaching, International Meeting Skills

CNH Industrial – Online Executive Coaching for Management in Australia

Criteo – Online Executive Coaching, Global Communication Skills, International Presentation Skills

Daiichi Sankyo –  Influencing and Persuading Training, Virtual Meeting Skills

JTI – Working with Japanese Partners

LaSalle – Global Mindset Training, Global Communication Training

Natixis – Social Networking Skills, International Presentation Skills

Netstar – International Communication Skills Coaching, Meeting and Presentation Skills

NGK – Business Communication Skills for New Graduates

Nissan – Alliance Exchange Programme, Executive Coaching, Working with Japanese Partners, Working with French Partners, Working with Indian Partners, Cross-cultural Team Building for New Graduates,  Persuading and Influencing Training for R&D, Cross-cultural Negotiation Skills (in Japanese)

Pfizer – Skills Coaching, Communicating Logically, WebEx Meeting Skills Training

Pimco – International Presentation Skills

Salesforce – Working with Japanese Partners

Sanofi – Business Communication Booster, Presentation Skills Coaching, Global Communication Skills

Savencia – Problem-solving Training

Tokyo American Club – Global Communication Skills, Handling Challenging Customers

Undisclosed Client – Global Communication Skills Group Training and Coaching, Working with Japanese Partners

Valrhona – Executive Coaching

Volvo – Group Business Skills Training

Yamasa – Business Skills Coaching



Stockholm School of Economics Riga – Influencing and Persuasion Skills, Communication Effectiveness



Apothecom – Speaker Training, Slide Rehearsal

Roland Berger – Negotiation Skills

Syneos Health – Slide Rehearsal

Zooplus – Negotiation Skills



Nestlé – HMO Masterclass



Zooplus – Negotiation Skills

Syneos Health – Speaker Training



Allianz – Navigator Workshop

Roland Berger – Client Communication – Optimising our Teamwork, Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Your Client, Negotiation Skills



Henkel – Negotiation Skills



GSK – Presentation Media Coaching



Ferring – Executive Coaching

GSK – Presentation Coaching

Nestlé – Speaker Training

Roche – Health Systems Strategy Teambuilding Workshop, Team Leader Coaching, A-Team Workshop, Coaching, Remote Coaching, Global Access Policy Team Coaching and Individual Feedback, Coaching: Senior Health Systems Strategy Lead, Scientific Communications Workshop

Undisclosed Client – Presentation Skills, Writing Skills



Nestlé – HMO Masterclass



CNH Industrial – Remote Communication Skills Coaching



ApotheCom – Speaker Training



Allianz – Navigator Workshop

ApotheCom – Speaker Training

CNH Industrial – Remote Communication Skills Coaching

GSK – Patient Engagement, Production of Booklet and Video, Presentation Coaching, Virtual Communication Skills, Oncology Enhanced Communications

JTI Romania – Team Coaching

Nestlé – HMO Masterclass

Oxbow Partners – Sales Training

Per Asrsleff – English for Business Programme

Syneos Health – Speaker Training

University of Bath – Working Across Language, Culture and Distance



Allianz – Navigator Workshop

GSK – Expert-level Communication Skills for Oncology Division, Presentation Coaching

Munich Re – Negotiation Skills

Roche – Community Update