Roz Wynter-Bee

Senior Associate Trainer

Training that works has to address the needs and concerns of participants in a way that is challenging and interesting. It should be based on their business world and experience, aiming to develop existing skills by realistic rehearsal, focused discussion and supportive coaching.
With Canning since 1989.
Roz started her career in public relations, organising conferences and press launches. She then worked on an EU-funded project for a bank in Greece and was later involved in recruiting and training staff for an international language school.
She specialises in delivering presentation and writing skills courses, as well as workshops on conflict-handling, cross-cultural awareness and team-building. Recently she has worked with multi-cultural teams on issues of communication and team cooperation.
She runs face-to-face and online coaching sessions and has delivered training for Canning throughout Europe and also in the Asia Pacific region and South Africa.
BA in General Arts, University of Durham
MA in Applied Linguistics, University of Reading
Roz has been a member of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) for 20 years and is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute.